Type:Application Exercise

Estimated Time:100 minutes

Score Type:Auto Score

This application exercise automatically provides a score to your gradebook

Available Language: English

Vocabulary: NETS-T, PD, PowerPoint, audit, conservation, digital camera, environment, presentation, recycle, research, survey, technology, waste management


  • Teachers help students learn the importance of waste management and protecting the environment by setting up a school recycling center.
  • Teachers coordinate students as they work in teams, make decisions, and solve problems.
  • Teachers help students plan a project, organize information, and evaluate a process.
  • Teachers assist students in applying electronic research skills.
  • Teachers show students how to create a slide presentation that demonstrates to other classes how the school recycling program works.
  • Teachers provide basic digital camera instructions and students insert their photos into a slide presentation.
  • Teachers act as the school liaison to install a recycling program.
  • Teachers ensure that students check their writing for accuracy in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


ISTE seal of compliance for readiness student standards