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Estimated Time:15 minutes

Score Type:Custom Score

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Available Language: English

Vocabulary: buck institute, children, classroom, classroom connect, classroom projects, collaborate, collaboration, collaborative projects, community, connect, create, cross-platform, curriculum, cyberfair, diplomacy, education, electronic pen pals, epals, friendship, friendship through education, global, global learning, iearn, iecc, international education, kidproj, learning, lesson plans, lessons, nicknacks, online prPROJECTs, online projects, pbl, pen pals, prPROJECT, prPROJECT based learning, prPROJECT-based learning, prPROJECTs, project based learning, project-based learning, projects, school, schoolnet, sharing, teacher, teachers, telecollaborate, telecollaboration


  • Teachers learn about ways to have their students collaborate with students in another country.


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