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Estimated Time:9 minutes


Score Type:Automatically Graded

Work completed by a student will be automatically graded and the grade will be sent to the Learning Management System (LMS) gradebook

Available Languages: English, Spanish

Vocabulary: ascending order, database, descending order, field, filter, sort

Primary Objectives:

  • Student learns to perform a sort to organize information in a database.
  • Student learns how to perform a descending sort to sort data from biggest to smallest or alphabetically from Z to A.
  • Student learns how to perform an ascending sort to sort data from smallest to biggest or alphabetically from A to Z.
  • Student gains additional experience finding information in a database.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Student learns about Saturn, Galileo, Giovanni Cassini


Critical Thinking and Decision Making Process 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Student Use > Critical Thinking and Decision Making Process 

Data Collection for Decision Making 

Technology Education > Digital Literacy > Student Use > Data Collection for Decision Making 

Data Formats 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Basic Operations and Concepts > Data Formats 

Database Applications 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Software Applications > Database Applications 

Design Sorting Algorithms 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Programming > Design Sorting Algorithms 

General Skills

Library Media > Information Literacy > Reference and Research > Research Skills > General Skills

Listening / Pay Attention

Language Arts > Communication > Media Literacy / Viewing > Comprehension > Listening / Pay Attention

Listening to Nonfiction

Language Arts > Communication > Listening Strategies / Context > Listening to Nonfiction

Look for and make use of structure

Mathematics > Process Standards > Common Core > Look for and make use of structure

Problem Solving 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Student Use > Problem Solving 

Reference and Research 

Technology Education > Digital Literacy > Reference and Research 

Vocabulary Development

Language Arts > Communication > Listening Strategies / Context > Vocabulary Development
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  • The database lessons incorporate information about our solar system by following two robots from the fictional company S-SPACE (Solar System Planets Are Cool Enterprises) on their mission to find the perfect location to build a S-SPACE City. This lesson’s setting is Saturn. You might want to show and discuss facts about Saturn with students before they take the EasyTech lesson. In particular:

    o Review how Saturn’s ring names are letters assigned in the order of ring discovery (not in the order they appear around Saturn). o Make sure students know the roles Galileo and Giovanni Cassini played in the discovery of Saturn’s rings. o Explain how Saturn’s rings are made up of ice particles.

  • You might want to introduce ascending and descending sort order to students to prepare them for the EasyTech lesson. Ascending sorts organize in 123ABC order, and descending sorts organize in ZYX987 order

  • Remind students about filters, and explain how students can sort all data or filtered data in a database program
  • To help students practice sorting in ascending and descending order, get them moving! Divide the class into teams of 6 to 8 students each. Then, have students write a number or word of their choice on a piece of paper (or hand out prepared papers or cards with numbers, words, or combinations of numbers and words, such as addresses, to make the exercise more challenging or relevant to your curriculum). Students can then attach their papers to their shirts or hold up their papers so everyone in their group can see each other’s information. Tell students to organize themselves into descending or ascending order. If time permits, reorganize students into new groups of information, or add a filter to your instructions before students sort themselves into the proper order.

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