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Estimated Time:12 minutes


Score Type:Automatically Graded

Work completed by a student will be automatically graded and the grade will be sent to the Learning Management System (LMS) gradebook

Available Language: English

Vocabulary: capitalization, grammar, homonyms, proofreading, punctuation, spell checker, spelling, word processing

Primary Objectives:

  • Student practices proofreading skills in a word processing environment.
  • Student identifies spelling errors as valid or invalid in a spell checker.
  • Student identifies and corrects punctuation errors in a word processing document.
  • Student identifies and corrects capitalization errors in a word processing document.
  • Student identifies and corrects homonym errors in a word processing document.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Student strengthens grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization skills.
  • Student proofreads and corrects typed materials.
  • Student recognizes homonyms and their proper use in written text.


Create Communication Products 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Digital Communications > Create Communication Products 

Desktop Publishing 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Software Applications > Desktop Publishing 

General Capitalization Knowledge

Language Arts > Writing > Grammar / Language Structure > Mechanics / Capitalization > General Capitalization Knowledge

General Knowledge

Language Arts > Writing > Mechanics > Spelling > General Knowledge

General Punctuation Skills

Language Arts > Writing > Grammar / Language Structure > Mechanics / Punctuation > General Punctuation Skills


Language Arts > Vocabulary > Grammar / Language Structure > Homonym

Interactive Use 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Internet > Interactive Use 


Science > Concepts and Processes > Tools / Instruments > Software Tools > Internet

Proofreading and Editing

Library Media > Information Literacy > ALA Information Literacy > Writing Skills > Proofreading and Editing

Spelling Caps Punctuation

Language Arts > Writing > Writing Process - Revision Editing > Mechanics > Spelling Caps Punctuation

Writing Skills

Library Media > Information Literacy > Skills and Abilities > Writing Skills
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