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Estimated Time:30 minutes


Score Type:Manually Graded

Work completed by a student may be reviewed and evaluated by either entering the grade directly into the Learning Management System (LMS) gradebook, or by using a grader application to assist in reviewing and grading student work

Available Language: English


  • Students learn how to recognize computer addiction.
  • Students learn about the mental, physical and social consequences of computer addiction and sleep deprivation on children.
  • Students learn how to stop computer addiction.
  • Students learn basic ergonomics to use a computer safely.
  • Students learn about common Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI) caused from computer use, texting and gaming, how people get RMIs, the symptoms, how to prevent them, and to tell their parents, they may need medical attention.



Technology Education > Information Technology > Basic Operations and Concepts > Ergonomics 

Internet Safety

Language Arts > Computer Literacy Skills > Personal Use > Internet Safety

Negative Impact 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Internet > Negative Impact 

Personal Safety / Use / Online

Science > History / Technology / Social Perspectives > Computer Science > Personal Safety / Use / Online

Responsible Use

Technology Education > Digital Literacy > Student Use > Digital Citizenship > Responsible Use


Library Media > Information Technology > Internet > Safety


Technology Education > Information Technology > Internet > Safety 
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