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Estimated Time:15 minutes

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Available Languages: English, Spanish

Vocabulary: border, cell, cell address, cell alignment, cell justification, column, data, fill color, formatting, row, sort function, spreadsheet, summation function

Primary Objectives:

  • Student learns how to add color to spreadsheets to highlight information.
  • Student learns how to format individual cells, groups of cells, and columns.
  • Student learns to add borders and shading to a cell or group of cells.
  • Student learns to format cell data as currency and adjust decimal places in currency and numerical data.
  • Student learns to insert rows to add titles to spreadsheets and columns within the spreadsheet.
  • Student learns to perform cell justification and merges.
  • Student learns to use the alphabetical and numerical sort functions.
  • Student learns to use the summation function.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Student learns to use digital tools to gather and organize information.


Data Collection for Decision Making

Information Technology > Student Use > Data Collection for Decision Making

Data Collection for Decision Making 

Digital Literacy > Student Use > Data Collection for Decision Making 

Data Formats 

Information Technology > Basic Operations and Concepts > Data Formats 

Data Integration and Reporting 

Information Technology > Student Use > Data Integration and Reporting 

Formatting and Preparation

Information Literacy > Student Use - Digital Media > Student Projects/Presentations > Formatting and Preparation

Formatting and Preparation

Digital Literacy > Student Use > Student Projects/Presentations > Formatting and Preparation

Graphic Organizers (Venn Diagrams,etc.) 

Information Technology > Software Applications > Graphic Organizers (Venn Diagrams,etc.) 

Labels Labeling

Language Arts > Writing > Products / Formats > Labels Labeling

Listening / Pay Attention

Language Arts > Communication > Media Literacy / Viewing > Comprehension > Listening / Pay Attention


Mathematics > Statistics Probability > Data > Organize/Sort


Information Technology > Software Applications > Spreadsheets


Information Technology > Software Applications > Spreadsheets 

Technical / Specialized

Language Arts > Communication > Listening Strategies / Context > Content Specific > Technical / Specialized
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Teacher Notes:

  • Cloud computing is adding more options for collaborative tools in the classroom. Cloud-based apps such as Google Drive offer free spreadsheet software that can allow multiple users to add to a spreadsheet simultaneously and can help teams work together. This type of collaboration can become a powerful tool for learning in your classroom and can be accessible on multiple devices and platforms.

Extension Ideas:

  • Students learn how to enter data into more detailed spreadsheets. Students will learn how to enhance the spreadsheet by adding titles, borders, and color to highlight information or organize data. This lesson also teaches students to use the many tools in spreadsheet applications to format cells as well as sort information aphabetically and numerically in order to better organize information.


S.5.b Students collect data or identify relevant data sets, use digital tools to analyze them, and represent data in various ways to facilitate problem-solving and decision-making.
S.6.a Students choose the appropriate platforms and tools for meeting the desired objectives of their creation or communication.
2-DA-07 Represent data using multiple encoding schemes. (P4.0)
2-DA-08 Collect data using computational tools and transform the data to make it more useful and reliable. (P6.3)
ISTE seal of compliance for proficiency student standards ISTE seal of compliance for readiness student standards