Business Applications

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Type:Application Exercise

Estimated Time:90 minutes

Score Type:Auto Score

This application exercise automatically provides a score to your gradebook

Available Language: English

Vocabulary: Database Software, Formatting, Language Arts, Letters

Primary Objectives:

  • Student plans a database by defining certain fields.
  • Student creates, populates, and edits a database.
  • Student uses a database to perform a mail merge.
  • Student generates database reports.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Student organizes information.
  • Student writes a letter to classmates.


Data Formats 

Information Technology > Basic Operations and Concepts > Data Formats 

Database Applications 

Information Technology > Software Applications > Database Applications 

Design Sorting Algorithms: Merge Sort 

Information Technology > Programming > Design Sorting Algorithms: Merge Sort 


2-DA-07 Represent data using multiple encoding schemes. (P4.0)
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