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Estimated Time:10 minutes


Score Type:Automatically Graded

Work completed by a student will be automatically graded and the grade will be sent to the Learning Management System (LMS) gradebook

Available Languages: English, Spanish

Primary Objectives:

  • Student knows what an algorithm is and how algorithms can be used to solve problems or complete tasks.
  • Student knows that input is the information and materials used in an algorithm.
  • Student understands methods and models used to test an algorithm.
  • Student understands the process used to create and test algorithms.
  • Student knows that computer programs are algorithms that tell the computer how to perform a task.
  • Student uses basic terms for binary data used by computers.
  • Student understands that a model is a representation of something else and how models are used to solve problems.
  • Student demonstrates using decomposition to analyze situations and problems to be solved.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Student analyzes and evaluates the steps to accomplish a task or solve a problem.
  • Student uses reasoning to determine the information needed to solve a problem or complete a task.
  • Student understands how algorithms and models are used in computer programming.


Analyze Algorithms 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Programming > Analyze Algorithms 

Critical / Analytical Thinking

Language Arts > Life Skills Daily Life > Critical / Analytical Thinking


Science > Concepts and Processes > Problem Solving > Engineering

Listening / Pay Attention

Language Arts > Communication > Media Literacy / Viewing > Comprehension > Listening / Pay Attention

Look for and make use of structure

Mathematics > Process Standards > Common Core > Look for and make use of structure

Meaning Definition Analysis

Language Arts > Vocabulary > Grammar / Language Structure > Meaning Definition Analysis


Mathematics > Process Standards > Computation > Methods/Steps/Strategies


Mathematics > Process Standards > Problem Solving > Methods/Steps/Strategies


Mathematics > Process Standards > Models/Representations > Problem-solving


Science > History / Technology / Social Perspectives > Computer Science > Programming

Timelines / Diagrams / Maps

Language Arts > Writing > Visual Aids > Graphs / Charts > Timelines / Diagrams / Maps

Vocabulary and Abbreviations 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Basic Operations and Concepts > Vocabulary and Abbreviations 

how-to / process writing

Language Arts > Writing > Directions Instructions > how-to / process writing
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  • This quiz asks students to demonstrate their understanding of algorithms and how algorithms are used in computer programming. The lessons on Algorithms and Modeling are the basis for the questions in this quiz. If student has not completed the lessons, this quiz will be difficult, even if the student has prior experience using computers.

  • For additional demonstration of understanding, ask students to draw out a flowchart for an algorithm of their choice. Have students include at least one choice to be made in the algorithm. Assess the flowchart to determine student mastery. Another idea for additional demonstration is to ask students to create a vocabulary guide for the two featured lessons for this quiz. The guide should include the highlighted vocabulary from the lessons, definitions, and an example of how the term relates to computer programming.

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