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Type:Application Exercise

Estimated Time:60 minutes

Score Type:Auto Score

This application exercise automatically provides a score to your gradebook

Available Language: English

Vocabulary: Desktop Publishing Software, Geometry, Language Arts, Math, Presentation

Primary Objectives:

  • Student uses graphics software to create shapes.
  • Student uses more than one software program for one product.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Student draws geometric shapes.
  • Student identifies the properties of geometric shapes.


2-dimensional shapes

Mathematics > Geometry > Identify Shapes > 2-dimensional shapes


Mathematics > Geometry > 2-D Figures > Compare/Contrast


Mathematics > Number Operations > Sets > Compare/Sort/Classify


Mathematics > Geometry > 2-D Figures > General/Properties

Geometric Sketching

Mathematics > Geometry > Computation/Technology > Geometric Sketching

Graphic Applications (includes pictures, labels, diagrams, charts) 

Information Technology > Software Applications > Graphic Applications (includes pictures, labels, diagrams, charts) 

Graphics/images (insert/modify) 

Media Production > Multimedia / Video Production > Graphics/images (insert/modify) 


Language Arts > Connects to Other Disciplines > Math


Mathematics > Geometry > 2-D Figures > Side

Use a variety or determine appropriate format

Language Arts > Writing > Format > Use a variety or determine appropriate format


Mathematics > Geometry > 2-D Figures > Vertex
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Math.Content.7.G.A.2 Draw (freehand, with ruler and protractor, and with technology) geometric shapes with given conditions. Focus on constructing triangles from three measures of angles or sides, noticing when the conditions determine a unique triangle, more than one triangle, or no triangle.
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