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Estimated Time:15 minutes


Score Type:Automatically Graded

Work completed by a student will be automatically graded and the grade will be sent to the Learning Management System (LMS) gradebook

Available Languages: English, Spanish

Vocabulary: design, design element, focus, hyperlink, linear presentation, non-linear presentation, presentation, slide, slide show

Primary Objectives:

  • Student learns how to use software to create and publish non-linear slide show presentations for a small audience or an individual viewer.
  • Student understands the difference between linear and non-linear presentations and the advantages of both designs.
  • Student learns how to adjust the options for how a slide show advances to the next slide.
  • Student learns how to add internal hyperlinks into a slide show to allow viewers to choose how to proceed through the presentation.
  • Student learns how to create and edit a master slide to ensure that certain elements remain consistent throughout the presentation.
  • Student learns how to add navigations tools, such a navigations bars and back buttons to a slide show.
  • Student learns how to update the master slide to make changes to individual slides.
  • Student learns how to add video to a slide show presentation and set up the auto-play feature for video elements.
  • Student understands how to use alignment tools and the ordering of grouped objects to design and edit the layout of a slide.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Student learns to consider and use design elements when creating a presentation using software.
  • Student considers the audience and purpose in designing and creating a presentation using software.


Create Presentations 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Digital Communications > Create Presentations 

Critical / Analytical Thinking

Language Arts > Life Skills Daily Life > Critical / Analytical Thinking

Power Point /Video

Language Arts > Communication > Multimedia Usage / Production > Create End Product > Power Point /Video


Library Media > Information Literacy > ALA Information Literacy > Presentation

Presentation Software 

Technology Education > Information Technology > Software Applications > Presentation Software 

Purpose / Organization / Topic Development

Language Arts > Communication > Multimedia Usage / Production > Purpose / Organization / Topic Development

Student Presentations

Technology Education > Media Literacy > Student Presentations

Student Presentations

Library Media > Media Literacy > Student Presentations

Student Presentations 

Technology Education > Media Production > Multimedia / Video Production > Student Presentations 
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  • Students may or may not have previous experience working with presentation software. If you have advanced students, you may choose to pair those students with students that are less experienced.

  • If time allows, give students a chance to practice new skills by changing a linear presentation to a non-linear presentation. If your students have a previously-created linear slide show, they may edit that presentation or you may choose one linear slide show for all students to adapt to a non-linear design. You may also have students work on other students' presentations, if these are available.
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