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Estimated Time:15 minutes

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Available Languages: English, Spanish

Vocabulary: cell address, copy and paste, data, formula, function, spreadsheet, summation function, table


  • Student demonstrates ability to write formulas with numbers and relative cell references.
  • Student demonstrates ability to identify and use operators.
  • Student demonstrates knowledge of how the information displayed in the formula bar and a cell interrelate.
  • Student demonstrates ability to select a range of contiguous cells and use them in formulas.
  • Student demonstrates the ability to find the sum and average of a range of contiguous cells.



Mathematics > Number Operations > Mean > Arithmetic

Critical Thinking and Decision Making Process 

Information Technology > Student Use > Critical Thinking and Decision Making Process 

Data Collection for Decision Making

Information Technology > Student Use > Data Collection for Decision Making

Data Collection for Decision Making 

Digital Literacy > Student Use > Data Collection for Decision Making 


Information Technology > Connects to Other Disciplines > Mathematics 

Problem Solving 

Information Technology > Student Use > Problem Solving 


Mathematics > Number Operations > Computation/Technology > Spreadsheets


Information Technology > Software Applications > Spreadsheets


Information Technology > Software Applications > Spreadsheets 


Mathematics > Number Operations > Operations > Symbols
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Teacher Notes:

  • Students will benefit from practice creating formulas with numbers and referenced cells.


S.5.b Students collect data or identify relevant data sets, use digital tools to analyze them, and represent data in various ways to facilitate problem-solving and decision-making.
1B-DA-06 Organize and present collected data visually to highlight relationships and support a claim. (P7.1)
1B-DA-07 Use data to highlight or propose cause-and-effect relationships, predict outcomes, or communicate an idea. (P7.1)
ISTE seal of compliance for proficiency student standards ISTE seal of compliance for readiness student standards